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Your Rangehood's got one job

A rangehood should have one simple and basic job, to extract the smoke grease and odour to the outside, do this quietly and do this efficiently.

If you cook at home, you’ll know the rangehood is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen, it’s not only there to remove all the smoke, grease, steam and odours from your home, it is also there protecting you and your family from carbon monoxide, and other fumes created in the cooking process.

It only makes sense to choose a high extraction rangehood not only to replenish fresh air into your kitchen, but to also collect the cooking oils so it isn’t floating around your house.


Rated World's Best Selling Rangehood by Euromonitor International Ltd 2016 ed, when it comes to performance rangehoods, ROBAM is the leader in this industry. A powerful 2010m³/hr air flow rate and 430Pa of static pressure all generated from a single efficient 200w motor now gives us the best of both worlds.

Industry leading extraction design with patented 57:43 ratio twin turbine centrifugal fan creates a 360 degrees tornado like effect which spins and captures your cooking fumes, minimizing the escape of smoke, grease, odour.


This cyclonic smoke capturing technology is the exclusive design by ROBAM and cannot be replicated by any other company.


Alpha design twin turbine housing with direct outlet allows smoke to be extracted from both sides of the motor. This free flowing system means minimal air drag, efficient use of power and low operating costs.​

ROBAM is for

Smoke, grease, steam or odour, it doesn't matter what you throw at it, ROBAM is tough enough to remove them all. Let's look at the characteristics generally associated with these cooking methods.


Gas Cooktop, Grills and BBQs

Cooking with fire goes as far back as when humans walked the earth, technologies and new ways of cooking have shaped our kitchens but the smoke, grease and odour associated have not changed. We're not saying we're here to save the planet from grease but we can save your kitchen.

Have you noticed your rangehood sounds like a jet but doesn't do anything? 

Usually you will find your rangehood uses either a very small centrifugal fan or a axial fan (like the one in your bathroom), physics tells us the bigger the fan, the more efficient it is because it doesn't need to spin as fast to move the same amount of air, therefore quieter. If you've seen our centrifugal fan, you'll know they perform better, quieter, and more energy efficient. We've designed our steel construction fan to deliver 2010m³/hr of airflow while only use as much power as 2 light bulbs.


Have you noticed grease dripping from your filter back down into your cooking? 

Nobody likes to clean the filters every day, but we still need them to stop the build up of grease in your rangehood, duct and external walls. Your rangehood most likely have a flat designed filter which cannot hold much grease, that's why they drip back down into your cooking. We've designed our filter to set on a 33 degree angle to allow the filtered grease to collect and drip into a collector cup. This not only stops grease dripping on your cooking, the cup allows all the oil to collect in one spot, when you see the cup is almost full, simply tip it out, you can't find a easier to clean filter anywhere else.

Have you noticed you can smell fried eggs from your bedroom in the morning? 

Not necessarily a bad thing in the morning but with that smell, come all those oil particles that is floating around your house, sticking on your furniture, wall, floors. It only makes sense to have a rangehood that actually works and remove those sticky, oily particles floating around your house right?

Our line of rangehoods are equipt with a steel fan, enclosed steel motor, stainless steel body, and stainless steel filter. What that means is it doesn't matter what you throw at it, it will take the heat. Even our plastic oil cup is made of polypropylene which is tested to withstand up to 170°C of heat! 

That means they're safe to use with BBQs!


Induction Cooktops

If you’ve used an induction cooktop before, you’ll know how quickly the moisture from your cooking can condense on the rangehood filters. If we don't choose our rangehoods to suit our cooking styles, in the long run, we usually see one of two extreme scenarios:


(1) Let's pretend the rangehood you’ve chosen is a under cupboard one, although it makes your kitchen look very sleek but due to its very limited capture area, the steam escapes in front of the rangehood and the moisture ruins your cabinets.

Solution: At ROBAM, all our products are designed to maximize capture area and eliminate smoke and steam from escaping. This is demonstrated by the tornado effect shown in the video above. Our patented design of the extractor fan allows the air to move faster on one side then the other, therefore creating a vortex that pulls any steam rising up towards the centre and extracting it to the outside atmosphere. 

(2) Let's pretend you’ve gone with a rangehood with a large capture area but it isn’t powerful enough to remove all the steam. This is especially dangerous if you were frying at the same time, moisture on the filter can form very quickly into water droplet and drip back down into your frying pan. This is not only very unhygienic, it will also leave you with a nasty burn mark.
Solution: We've designed our filter on a 33 degree angle to allow the moisture that's filtered to drip into a collection cup. This not only stops moisture dripping back into your cooking, this design allows all the moisture to collect in one spot thus less time cleaning.


Touch controls sits behind a clean and beautifully crafted one piece toughened glass, this seals all the electronic components away from cooking oils with the added ease of cleaning with no buttons in the way.

Exclusive patented filter design is made from over 30 thousand small diamond shaped oil separators that traps up to 96% of cooking oil from entering the chamber, prolonging the life of your rangehood.

Internal chamber is coated with non-stick nano electrophoresis technology which allows oil particles to form into a droplet and run down into the oil cup, making the inside a truly maintenance free machine.

Our filter is machine pressed from a single piece of hospital grade 304 stainless steel, they are strong, easy to clean and most importantly, 100% dish washer safe.


The highly efficient 200w Jeamo motor is the heart of our high extraction rangehood, this powerful yet quiet motor drives the twin turbines to create its powerful extraction power.

To put things into perspective, the average household rice cooker uses 800w, vacuum cleaner is 1700w and a kettle can draw over 2400w. Yet all our high performance rangehoods are fitted with a single 200w motor, consuming the same amount of power as 2 light bulbs.

Combine that with LED lighting that are always cool to the touch and easy to see touch control panel, this elegant machine combines the powerful extraction power with low power usage, striking the perfect balance between functionality, style and efficiency.​

Velocity Stabilizer
Effectively splits the single turbine into 2 sections drawing air from both sides
Low Drag Housing Design
Alpha design twin turbine housing creates a free-flowing system meaning minimal air drag, efficient use of power and low operating costs in the long term
Shock Absorber
The Z-type bracket design firmly holds the motor and the twin turbine in place whilst absorbing any vibrations they create, This allows the fan to spin much faster while still maintain a very steady and quiet operation level
Small but Powerful
The high efficiency 200w Jeamo motor is the heart of our high extraction rangehood
Twin Turbine Efficiency
Patented industry leading steel centrifugal fan design with a 57:43 stabilizer creating a vortex when drawing air to increase capture area and efficiency
Z-type Bracket
Fan Housing
ROBAM Centrifugal Fan
Velocity Stabilizer

Why do ROBAM use JEAMO Motors?

For 37 years, Jeamo manufacture motors for air conditioners, washing machines, rangehoods, microwaves and automated bathroom products.

Jeamo motors are known in the industry for their high efficiency and long lasting reliability, they currently produce over 12 million motors distributed globally, their high quality motors are found in LG Electronics, Samsung, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Fujitsu, ROBAM, Sharp, Hitachi, Haier and other internationally recognised brands.


Here at ROBAM, we don't like to just talk about our products but rather let our products do the talking.


This is a real life actual product test of the amount of airflow that is pumped out by our high performance A818 rangehood, with a jaw dropping 1980m³/hr air flow rate still maintaining a quiet 57.5dB(A) is unheard of in the domestic rangehood industry.





ROBAM 2000s

ROBAM 2000s


  • ROBAM is currently World Number 1 selling rangehood (Euromonitor International Ltd 2016)

  • ROBAM is currently China Number 1 selling rangehood having sold over 540 thousand rangehoods in 2015 (China Market Monitor Co., Ltd 2016)

  • 6 out of 10 high performance rangehoods sold in China is manufactured by ROBAM

  • On average every minute, a family choses ROBAM

  • China’s Number 1 selling brand for 18 consecutive years

  • Recipient of multiple international innovation and design awards

  • Recipient of multiple Asia’s top 500 most influential brands

  • Pioneer of rangehoods in China

  • 37 years of innovation leading the Chinese rangehoods industry

World Number 1

         2 years in a row!

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