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40 Years of Innovation


Since 1979, ROBAM have been the pioneer of high extraction rangehood. We have dedicated our research and development to high performance range hoods tailored to removing the smoke, grease and odour associated with Asian cooking.

With over 100 patented product technologies, ROBAM now sets the benchmark in high performance rangehoods and has become the model of China’s high end manufacturing, winning for 9 consecutive years as Asia’s 500 most influential brands.


First listed on the stock exchange in 2010, ROBAM began opening international channels offering their innovations to the world.


Today with the support of over 10,000 employees and global partners, our annual sales worldwide sits above AUD650 million dollars, with the brand value of ROBAM Group approaching 5 billion dollars.


Over the years, ROBAM have received multiple local and international innovation, design and recognition awards.


More than 35 Million customers around the world have chosen ROBAM as their brand of choice for kitchen appliances.


This stands as a testimony to the reliability and continuous innovation and improvement of ROBAM kitchen appliances.

Certificates and Awards
The ROBAM Brand

Australia  |  New Zealand  |  Malaysia  |  Philippines  |  Vietnam  |  India  |  Pakistan  |  Dubai  |  Russia  |  North Africa  |  Jordan  |  Cambodia  |  Ethiopia

From the Beginning
ROBAM 2000s

Bragging Rights

Consecutive World Number 1 selling rangehood 5 years running. (Source: Euromonitor Passport 2020ed, Consumer Appliance Industry)

ROBAM is currently China Number 1 selling rangehood having sold over 540 thousand rangehoods in 2015 (China Market Monitor Co., Ltd 2016)

6 out of 10 high performance rangehoods sold in China is manufactured by ROBAM

On average every minute, a family choses ROBAM

China’s Number 1 selling brand for 18 consecutive years

Recipient of multiple international innovation and design awards

Recipient of multiple Asia’s top 500 most influential brands

Pioneer of rangehoods in China

40 years of innovation leading the Chinese rangehoods industry

Our Bragging Rights
World No.1
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