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Pioneer of

High Performance


Gen 5

Ultra Powerful Rangehood

ROBAM Filter Inspiration
ROBAM Wide Capture Chamber
ROBAM Deep Capture Chamber

Deep Capture Chamber
Wide angle funnel design greatly increases the smoke capture area. Gen 5 Patented dual core absorber 5.0 technology equipt with a three level tridimensional pressure boost to efficiently absorb the high level of smoke, grease and odour associated with grilling and wok style cooking.

Powerful. Quiet. Easy to Clean.

Introducing the all new 2019 release from ROBAM, the Gen 5 Hurricane  MkII A837sets a new benchmark in high performance rangehood innovation. An unprecedented airflow generated from a single quiet brushless DC motor, a easy to clean filter system combined with the latest nano electrophoresis technology keeping the internal chamber maintenance free.

This tridimensional concept is kept consistent throughout the design of the rangehood, from the uniquely angled facade that flows seemlessly to the matching glass panel to our new filter design that acts as a extension to increase the capture chamber depth allowing for a greater, more efficient smoke removal.

Inspired by one of the greatest monuments of the world, the iron laced Eiffel Tower stand as a reminder of the ever-evolving capabilities of innovative engineering.

ROBAM Oil Guide
ROBAM Oil Filter
Finer Filter
A dense filter minimizes oil particles from entering the turbine chamber, our filter is precision pressed from a single piece of 304 stainless steel with zero pressure storm eye technology, this not only greatly increases extraction effiency, it also makes it very durable, 100% dishwasher safe and one of the easiest filters to clean on the market.

Gen 4

Powerful Built-in Centralised Filtering System  

ROBAM Cleaning
ROBAM Performance
ROBAM Functionality


• Airflow volume 1980m3/hr

• Air speed 21m/sec

• Unique centrifugal fan design

Jeamo Motor spins at over 5000rpm


• Patented filter with a 96% grease separation rate

• Durable non spill cup design

• Non-stick internal coating


• All Models range between 55dB to 57.5dB

  (A normal conversation is 60dB)

• LED lighting

• Touch Controls


Z-type Bracket
Fan Housing
ROBAM Centrifugal Fan
Velocity Stabilizer
Twin Turbine Efficiency
Patented industry leading steel centrifugal fan design with a 57:43 stabilizer creating a vortex when drawing air to increase capture area and efficiency
Small but Powerful
The high efficiency 200w Jeamo motor is the heart of our high extraction rangehood
Shock Absorber
The Z-type bracket design firmly holds the motor and the twin turbine in place whilst absorbing any vibrations they create, This allows the fan to spin much faster while still maintain a very steady and quiet operation level
Low Drag Housing Design
Alpha design twin turbine housing creates a free-flowing system meaning minimal air drag, efficient use of power and low operating costs in the long term
Velocity Stabilizer
Effectively splits the single turbine into 2 sections drawing air from both sides


Rangehood Filter Guide Cup
ROBAM Oil Filter
ROBAM Oil Guide

•  Patented filter – single piece of machine pressed 304 stainless steel filter with over 30 thousand small diamond shaped oil separators that traps 96% of cooking oil from entering the chamber (Dishwasher safe)


•  Patented guide – single piece of machine pressed 304 stainless steel with quick release screws for easy cleaning (Dishwasher safe)


•  Patented oil cup – constructed from polypropylene (PP) able to withstand heat up to 160°C, this durable non spill cup design is also 100% Dishwasher safe


•  Non-stick internal coating – any oil build up on the internal chamber overtime will run back down into the oil cup for ease of cleaning and prolonging the life of your rangehood

Test Lab 1
Test Lab 2
Test Lab 3
Test Lab 4
Test Lab 5
Test Lab 6

R&D and Testing Laboratory

ROBAM’s world leading R&D and testing laboratories are made up of 8 main testing sectors, spread over 4000 square meters, they consists of:

• Gas Safety Lab

• Electrical Safety Lab

• Noise Testing Lab

• Durability Testing Lab

• Component Design and Testing Lab

• External Environment Test Lab

• Packaging Design and Testing Lab

• Feature Intuitivity Design and Testing Lab

A total of 4 production bases and the ability to achieve annual output of over 5 million units, ROBAM's first class customized fexible production systems, precision manufacturing centre, intelligent logistics automation and sophisticated inventory management systems have allowed ROBAM to be one of the world's leading manufacturers in kitchen appliances design and innovation.
Having passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO140001 and OHSAS18000, ROBAM is becoming one of the leading national standardization enterprises.


ROBAM Automation 3
ROBAM Automation 1
ROBAM Automation 4
ROBAM Automation 2
ROBAM Automation 5
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